Gypsy Piper Girl

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What happens when Gypsy Piper Girl stands behind a jet taking off on St Maarten?

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If you are looking for me then check my schedule page. I'm hanging around somewhere. 

I play the Scottish Highland Pipe, the Bagpipe, with the City of Rockford Pipe Band in Northern Illinois. If you are looking for pipers see our website

We have all kinds of fun! Looking for lessons? We have a piping and drumming school!

I make porcupine quill jewelry. I started making it while house sitting in Alaska for my friends, a bush pilot and a school teacher in the Alaskan Interior. Now I sell it on Etsy, at festivals, and at a few select stores from Fairbanks to St Michaels Maryland.

Porcupine Quill Jewelry, Bagpipes, and Adventure

 If you are looking for my porcupine quill jewelry click this link ‚Äč