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Porcupine Quill Jewelry, Bagpipes, House/Pet Sitting,  

and Adventure


If you are looking for my porcupine quill jewelry click this link ‚Äč

Traveling through the inside Passage via the ferry Columbia

One of the newest items I have created are earrings made not only with porcupine quills from Alaska but also made with the spines of the Lion Fish. I was contacted by someone who had been working on coral reef restoration in Belize. He saw my Etsy store and wondered if I could make earrings with the spines. I was up for the challenge and here they are!

House and Pet Sitting

Yes, I do chickens too

I play the Scottish Highland Pipe, the Bagpipe, with a local pipe band in Northern Illinois. If you are looking for pipers see our website

We have all kinds of fun! Looking for lessons? We have a piping and drumming school. 

If you are looking for me then check my schedule page. I'm hanging around somewhere.  In this case it was the Havasupai Reservation